Computational Optimization and Data Analytics (CODA) Group

Computational Optimization and Data Analytics (CODA) Group was founded by Dr. Ke Li at University of Exeter in the early 2017. Our research interests mainly focuses on the computational intelligence, particularly, evolutionary computation, for solving various types of optimization problems. Currently, we are especially going to address the following topics:

  • Scalability of evolutionary computation in both global and multi-objective optimization.

  • Intersection of game theory and evolutionary computation, in particular stable matching theory and multi-armed bandits.

  • Automatic problem solving, including automatic algorithm portfolio and algorithm configuration.

  • Meta-modeling and fitness landscape analysis

  • Search based software engineering, in particular self-adaptive software engineering and service composition.

  • Water engineering, in particular water distribution system network and reservoir operation control.

Recent News

  • [Jul. 29, 2017] Our recent paper “R-Metric: Evaluating the Performance of Preference-Based Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization Using Reference Points” has been accepted to IEEE Trans. on Evolutionary Computation. Congratulations!

  • [Jul. 3, 2017] Warm welcome Mengyuan and Nan who join us for a couple of months!

  • [May. 19, 2017] We official launch this CODA group website from today. The previous website at Birmingham will not be maintained and updated any longer. Please stay tuned here for our state-of-the-art work!

  • [Apr. 1, 2017] Warm welcome to Joseph Billingsley for joining us! Joe worked with Dr. Ke Li for his undergraduate final year project. A very cool stuff for estimating software project efforts.

  • [Mar. 20, 2017] Our recent paper “Adaptive Weights Generation for Decomposition-Based Multi-Objective Optimization Using Gaussian Process Regression” has been accepted to GECCO 2017. Congratulations!

  • [Feb. 23, 2017] Our recently proposed Task Force on Decomposition-based Techniques in Evolutionary Computation has been approved by the IEEE Evolutionary Computation Technical Committee. Congratulations! Dr. Ke Li is the founding chair of this task force. It aims at promoting the research on decomposition-based techniques for single, multi- and many-objective optimization using evolutionary methods.

  • [Jan. 31, 2017] Our recent paper “Dynamic Multi-Objectives Optimization with a Changing Number of Objectives” has been accepted to IEEE Trans. on Evolutionary Computation. Congratulations!

  • [Jan. 7, 2017] Our recent paper “Matching-Based Selection with Incomplete Lists for Decomposition Multi-Objective Optimization” has been accepted to IEEE Trans. on Evolutionary Computation. Congratulations!

More previous news can be found here.


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