Computational Optimization for Learning and Adaptive Systems Laboratory

Computational Optimization for Learning and Adaptive Systems (COLA) Laboratory was founded by Dr. Ke Li at University of Exeter in the early 2017. Our research interests mainly focuses on the computational intelligence, particularly, evolutionary computation, for solving various types of optimization problems. Currently, we are especially going to address the following topics:

  • Scalability of evolutionary computation in both global and multi-objective optimization.

  • Intersection of game theory and evolutionary computation, in particular stable matching theory and multi-armed bandits.

  • Automatic problem solving, including automatic algorithm portfolio and algorithm configuration.

  • Meta-modeling and fitness landscape analysis

  • Search based software engineering, in particular self-adaptive software engineering and service composition.

  • Water engineering, in particular water distribution system network and reservoir operation control.

Recent News

  • [Mar. 26, 2019] I have permanently switch my website to a new place. This website will not be maintained any longer. Please stay tuned to my updates in the new website. Thanks a lot!

  • [Feb. 13, 2019] An excellent opportunity to apply for the PhD Global Excellence Scholarships is available in my lab. The deadline is 4th March, 2019. Please do feel free to contact with me if you have interests.

  • [Feb. 12, 2019] Grateful to receive an award from UKRI Future Leader Fellowship. Two post-doc positions and a couple of PhD studentships will be open for this project. Please feel free to contact with me about more details if you have interests.

More previous news can be found here.


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